About Us

Under the divine blessings of His Holiness Sudhanshu ji Maharaj, Yug Rishi Ayurveda is a noble initiative taken to provide the world with high quality, naturally prepared ayurvedic and herbal products. Where the world is in dire need of products that are honest and are beneficial for the body, Yug Rishi Ayurveda came up with the idea of marketing products that are completely prepared form natural ingredients and cause no side effect to its users.

Every product marketed by Yug Rishi Ayurveda comes with an assurance of being herbal and possessing no side effects, from the very beginning the products are made in India with natural ingredients without any addition of any harmful chemicals or ingredients. Every penny accumulated from the sales of Yug Rishi Ayurvedic products goes to the welfare of the society.

The preparation and packaging is done with primary focus on environment hence, the material used in packaging is entirely eco friendly and can be reused. At the end of the day, we wish each individual a healthy life, a fit body and a joyous heart.